Brand Assessment

Meet with a professional and get sustainable recommendations for growing your brand. Clarify your message, engage your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Do you have an eye on the competition?

It is challenging enough to run a small business. Do you have the time and expertise to run your own marketing campaigns, develop new revenue streams, and track the movements of your competition concurrently?

We provide a 360 degree view of your marketing efforts.

Everyone has blindspots.
We are here to help.

What we do for you:

Clarify and intensify the value you create for your customers

Research your competition and your competitive position

Deliver reports and discuss tools for optimizing your process

Brand Assessment: The first step to marketing your small business or side hustle.

Are you building your brand with industry best practices?
How do you compare to your competition?

Brand assessment is a perfect opportunity to think about your business goals, the competitors blocking your path, and the strategies you can use to overcome them. Our job is to build complete marketing systems, so we can help you choose the right tools for growth at the start, rather than making costly changes down the road.

The Process:
The First Steps to Effective Brand Strategy

Introduction and Business Consultation

We get on the phone and talk about your goals for your business. We talk about your brand promise, your products, your customers and how you acquire them, your website, your social media, and search engine optimization.

Competitive Marketing Strategy Research and Development

Our team conducts extensive research. We dig into all kinds of nitty gritty details to give you a thorough report of your competitive position. We list out things you are doing well and things you will want to improve.

Recommendations and Resource Consultation

We continue our previous discussion and work through our research reports together. We focus on the tools you need to help your business grow and discuss ways you can use them optimally.

The Deliverables:
Get Sustainable Branding Recommendations

Competitive Marketing Strategy Research Reports

Research reports cover five key areas of your business.

  1. Branding and Identity
  2. Web Presence
  3. Competitive Landscape
  4. Social Presence
  5. Search Engine Presence

Additional Resources and Consultation

Our goal as an agency is to shine a light on the marketing process and create frameworks for you to follow to success. We will always give you the DIY methods for following our recommendations. In some cases, we may recommend further services, the same way a doctor writes a prescription.

Our Promise:
We are here to help you succeed!

Our mission as an agency is to help your business succeed on its own. We shine a light on hidden areas of the marketing process and lay out frameworks for success. We only work with clients we believe in, and our focus is on training them to use industry best practices.

We may recommend further services, the same way a doctor writes a prescription. This is because every marketing campaign is dependent upon a network of services working correctly. We will not suggest ongoing or retained services unless we truly believe them to be necessary. Again, our goal is for you to go forth and succeed on your own!

We are so confident you will find value in our work together that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, then simply email us and fill out a form for a full-refund. Backed by PayPal Purchase Protection.

Brand Assessment

Take the first step and elevate your marketing efforts to a whole new level!

Two hour consultation

Social media marketing analysis

Search engine optimization analysis

Competitive landscape analysis


Consultation + Custom PDF

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