Social Media ROI

Social media can provide a number of benefits, but only when used effectively. So what are the most effective ways to measure the return on investment in social media?

Basic Metrics

  • Applause Rate: number of likes
  • Website Clicks: directed traffic
  • Expenses: cost of campaigns

Advanced Metrics

  • Reach: number of views / number of subscribers
  • Amplification Rate: number of shares / number of posts
  • Engagement Rate: sum of interactions / number of subscribers
  • Social ROI: (return on campaigns - cost of campaigns) / cost of campaigns

What REALLY Matters

  • Amplification
  • Engagement
  • Website Clicks
Attract, retain, and convert your potential customers

AIDA Model has existed since 1890

  • Awareness (impressions)
  • Interest (subscribers)
  • Desire (positive comments, direct messages, shares)
  • Action (website clicks, conversions)

Benefits of Social Presence

  1. Generate and maintain brand awareness (AIDA)
  2. Gain customer insights
  3. Research markets and competition
  4. Generate leads, then acquire and retain customers
  5. Live conversation with customers

It's easy to get started